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Courses Designed to help you succeed.

Our well thought out programs is designed to upskill you in specific requirements the market needs to help position you for Virtual Assistant success.

We use the intelligence of the global reach of VA Connect to help upskill South African Virtual Assistants not only to have the required skills but also the required qualifications to really make an impact in the worldwide Virtual Assistant market.

Project Management

The foundation of Executive Virtual Assistant Services. The skills and programs in our PM section is a sure-fire way to prepare for VA success.

Sales Mastery Skills

Remote Sales Skills will become more and more important as this crucial business lifeline becomes more and more digital.

Business Masterclass

Our Business Masterclasses are Karen and Albert’s way of driving invaluable value throughout their extensive insight and experience in VA Connect and other Businesses.

Killer Marketing Skills

Prepare yourself for the future of remote working by equipping yourself with the required skills to manage any Virtual Marketing campaign.

Executive VA Training

The Top-Guns of the VA world, you require what most deem impossible. The Lois Lane’s of the Virtual Assistant world. Be More with VAVarsity.

Personal Coaching

Get personal one-on-one coaching from Karen, Founder and CEO of the World’s Greatest VA Agency and get her help personally on the struggles you’re about to face.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Everything is self-paced, easy to understand and broken-up to help you not only manage the new information, but to master the thinking behind it.

We will help you get setup and qualified to join the ranks of the World’s Greatest Virtual Assistants with relevant and up to date information and courses.

Business Masterclasses

Our Free Business Masterclasses are there to help all Virtual Assistants gain the required thinking preparation, mind-feed and valuable soft skills they need to start and run their own successful VA business and to be prepared to face the Global Addressable Market with Business Confidence.

Premium Courses

Our Premium Courses are designed to furnish Virtual Assistants on specific skills required to be that perfect fit for their customers. Local and international experts train you in the different fields and skills. You will get a certificate of competence  upon completion of your self-paced courses.

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