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In this 1hour course you will learn how to create a professional profile that can generate leads and ultimately sales. From signing up to understanding how to network with the market leaders. Not only do you get valuable insights from VaConnect’s CEO, Maxine Clark, and Sales Director, Karen Van Zyl, but we will also show …

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Project Management

In this 3 hour course Maxine Clark, CEO of VaConnect, will give you insight into project management and how understanding what a project is and how project management fits into the business world will help you in becoming a better VA.

Preparing for your virtual interview

In this 30 minute course we can help you prepare better for your next virtual interview. Understanding the point of view and questions from the interviewer, giving you tips and tricks to stay calm and how to make that impression.


Bitrix24 is a free (for small businesses) Business Intelligence System. It is an integrated work space which can handle the many aspects of daily operations and tasks. This 30 minute course is an essential know how for the virtual small business world.

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